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Starting out as a painter, I soon fell in love with the creative process of digital media. I now use these skills to help my clients build their online presence through the creation of digital content they can use in social media and websites. Digital marketing is constantly evolving so I enjoy providing my clients with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed online.


Video marketing is highly favoured on social media due to the numerous ways it connects with people. I really love how videos are so much more dynamic than images as they grab your attention, can tell a story effectively and generate an emotional connection with a viewer through sound and imagery.

I am often learning about new creative technologies that are both innovative and exciting for photography, film and design. One of the newer technologies that I have embraced is 360° cameras. I love how 360° images create an immersive experience that is effective in both mobile and virtual reality advertising.


I especially like to capture the spontaneous and real world around me and I embrace creativity in all forms. My recent involvement with live music has been a great pleasure, as I love the unexpected play of light and colour in each moment. 


Showcase your business with photographs for use in your website, business listings or social media


Connect with you customers through video content which is highly favoured on the internet

Animated Logos

Let's bring your logo to life with dynamic animations and create a lasting impression

360 virtual tours

Invite customers into your business online with immersive 360 photos and virtual tours

Social Media ads

Let's create exciting content for your social media platforms to engage your customers

Graphic Design

Overtone studios can assist you with your marketing needs with a variety of design services


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