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Reiki &

Relax to the gentle flow of Reiki energy and sacred light language healing transmissions. Allow the soothing vibrations of my seven quartz crystal bowls and tuning forks to sing you into a blissful and peaceful state of meditation.

The language
of light

​Light language is a sacred form of communication between higher dimensional beings and Source light to you. It is a powerful multidimensional tool to facilitate the natural healing process and for the transmission of light codes all guided with loving intention for your highest good.

Group Meditations

Join group meditation sessions that will provide an opportunity to go deep within, quiet the mind and connect to your inner world for healing, expansion and growth.


Bookings are essential as space is limited.


Browse my selection of guided meditations, music and products for health, personal growth and spiritual development. Discover tools for cleansing & healing the mind, body & spirit. The store is very new and more products will be available soon.



Allow me the opportunity to showcase all that your business has to offer with photos, designs and videos for use on your website, business listings or social media. I can create a packages to suit all budgets.


Spirituality 101

Meditation Techniques

Sound Healing

Trauma Release



And more...

360° Photos
& videos


Invite customers into your business online with immersive 360° photos or videos. The images can be used on your website or social media platforms  

I can customize any package to meet your requirements.

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17 Candelo Loop, Greenfields WA

(by appointment only)