What is Light Language?

​Light language is a form of divine communication that has been around throughout history. The verbal form of light language has been given many names depending on the spiritual background, including the term 'Speaking in Tongues.'


It is unlike the languages used in the world today and it is not meant to be understood by the mind. Instead, this higher form of communication bypasses the mind and is received and understood by the heart and through every part of your being, right down to an atomic and DNA level. It is the multi-dimensional communication between higher dimensional beings with you which carries many levels of light information.


Light language transmissions are multidimensional in nature and therefore work beyond the limitations of time and space. Therefore, light language can be transmitted as a recording and be just as effective as a live session.​




  • It is the channelling of energy.

  • It can be in the form of language, vocal sounds, visual art, writing, music as well as movement.

  • It will be directed by my intention and under the guidance of my I AM Presence (my Higher Self).

  • It is a type of heart-to-heart frequency communication.

  • It is a communication from higher dimensional beings/Source/God to you.

  • It is a multidimensional transmission/expression via my higher self.

  • It is received through your heart and soul, bypassing the logical mind.

  • It takes place at the quantum level.

  • It is received by your entire being - right down to an atomic and DNA level.

  • The effects unfold as you are ready, facilitated by your own higher self at the level that is most appropriate for you.

  • It requires an open heart to fully integrate and receive the channelled energy.

  • It is a powerful tool to facilitate the natural healing process.

  • It facilitates a deep connection with others that transcends what our normal language can do, because of its multidimensional nature.

  • It is able to be transmitted and received.

If you have any questions about light language or how it could assist you, then please book a time to have a chat with me.